Naturopathic Medicine is best described as an umbrella term that encompasses effective natural treatments. The best combination of therapies is picked and a treatment plan is customized according to your main health concerns.

Treatment programs typically last six months. It consists of an in-depth history intake, lab test screening, diet counseling, natural medicines, and follow up visits to monitor your progress.

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These treatments include:

Some commonly treated conditions include: arthritic conditions, depression & anxiety, digestive ailments, food & environmental allergies, heart disease, menopause, peri-menopause, PMS, seasonal allergies, and weight concerns. Dr. Kassam is your primary health care practitioner and does also see acute conditions such as colds, flu, and injuries (not needing emergency care).

Naturopathic Philosophy

      • focus and treat the cause of the condition
      • use only natural forms of treatment
      • recognize the connection between the mind & body
      • role of the doctor is a teacher
      • treatment enhances the body’s own ability to heal itself

* Lab screening tests include: digestive function & bowel toxicity, calcium & vitamin C levels, adrenal function (stress), zinc, oxidation rates and need for anti-oxidants. Urine specimen collected.