As August arrived, it also brings with it the winding down of summer and the preparation for September and back to school. A transition that we either tend to love or hate, but one that inevitably comes faster than we would like. Here are 5 Tips to help you gear back up for September, routines, and back to school.

  • Routines:
    Two to three weeks before school starts again start getting yourself and most importantly your children back into scheduled routines. Bed times, dinner time, morning time routines, and meals, this will help to make the first days of school much easier.

  • School Supplies:
    Go early, head to the store now to start to get all of the basics lined up for September, avoid the crowds and start now. Make it fun, let your children be involved in the selections to get them excited for school.
  • Prepare their room:
    Clean up their desks, their rooms. Remove all old pens that don’t work, things that are broken, clothes that are too small so September comes with a fresh start.
  • Review:
    Its probably been a while since your kids have hit the books, start implementing some basic review over the next few weeks to get them back into the routine of learning.
  • Enjoy:
    Take the time to enjoy all that summer has left to offer. Space out all the tasks you need to complete before the kids go back to school, so as to not stress yourself out in the last few days before summer vacation is over. Plan some great things over these last few weeks of summer, go to the beach, take in a sunset, barbeques and swimming.

Tell us how do you get ready for back to school?