Metro Vancouver has issued an air quality advisory due to the devastating wildfires currently burning throughout BC. While some people are musing that they enjoy the “campfire smell” floating around town, it’s important to remember that the smoky air can be harmful to your health.

Hazy sunset taken from downtown Vancouver.

Aside from itchy eyes and a scratchy throat, the fine particulate matter that’s being released by the wildfires can cause adverse health effects in as little as 24-hours. We understand that you have to continue on with your day, which may mean going outside, so here are our top tips for reducing the negative impact of poor air.

1. Drink lots of water.

2. Close your windows and refrain from smoking, lighting candles, or burning incense.

3. If you’re using an air conditioner in your car or at home, set it to “re-circulate” so that the air isn’t brought in.

4. Don’t exercise outdoors. The smoke is hard enough on your system when you’re breathing regularly. Strenuous activity outdoors will just increase the negative impact on your respiratory system.

5. Once the air has cleared outside, air out your house and car to release any pollutants that may have gotten in.

If you’re living with respiratory issues such as asthma, cardiovascular or lung disease, have children or are elderly, avoid being outside if possible.