Where has the year gone?

Another school year is starting & the end of 2013 is so near. A reminder to look into and use up any of your benefits that may expire at the end of 2013.

Create a Routine

If you have kids, you know that routine is how families tend to function so well. We have set bedtimes, school times, tv times and more all worked out into a schedule. Even if you don’t have kids, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a routine, kind of like brushing your teeth.

September tends to feel like the beginning of the year, perhaps its years of starting new come the beginning of September. A new school, new grade, new friends. Its also a great time to start new, to setup new routines to do all those things that you keep “meaning” to. Why wait for January to implement a resolution. Do it now!

  • Exercise: A fitness routine doesn’t have to be two hours on a treadmill or even a 20km run, but rather it can be as simple as 10 minutes a day. It is easier to commit to something that is more attainable, like 10 minutes a day, than finding 2 hours every day to exercise. Like new year’s resolutions we often commit to something that is unattainable, rather than starting with what we can work with, 10 minutes a day. Read more.
  • Relieve Stress: Create time in your busy schedule to reduce stress, and try some of these simple tips. Read more
  • Sleep: Many of us, at one time or another in our lives have battles with insomnia. Maybe its only one night, maybe its a few nights, and for some its all the time. The root cause of insomnia is not clearly defined and can depend on many factors in your life, so what do you do when you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep?

And most importantly, keep trying. Starting any new routine can be a challenge. Every day is another chance to start again.

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