Many of us spend hours in front of a computer, typing away, sitting uncomfortably, talking on the phone with no hands in order to still complete our work. Most of us also suffer from neck, back pain and even eye strain, did you know there is a proper way to sit at a desk that will help alleviate the pain and suffering.

So what is correct computer posture? Several body placements that work together to ensure you suffer the least amount of strain, including the best position to of your eyes, back, neck, foot and knee placements. Even lighting can have a strong impact on our bodies.

Bad computer posture symptoms can be sore wrists, shoulder and neck strain as well as low back pain, tired eyes and even headaches. Long term bad posture  can cause long term chronic pain, but can easily resolved by taking the time to ensure we are sitting correctly.

Many offices now work to improve their employee’s computer posture to ensure their long term health and happiness.  Taking these relatively few measures of safety is more than just a luxury and could raise your productivity at work thus the potential benefits of these measures by far outweigh the costs if any.

Have a look at the above diagram, and check in with your body. After a long day of sitting at your desk, where does your body feel strain, there is probably a change that needs to be made. Talk to your employer about getting an ergonomics specialist to come in and check out the workstations of all their employees. If you are suffering from strain, make an appointment to assist you in finding some relief.