Modern laundry breakthroughs with retro charm. Brighter whites and colors are easy and environmentally-safe with Nellie’s Environmentally-safe cleaners. Hypo-allergenic Laundry Soda is super-concentrated, requiring only one tablespoon per laundry load.

Unlike traditional detergents Nellie’s does not have any additives or fillers. That’s why you only need one tablespoon per large load vs. 1 cup. Leading manufacturers of laundry detergents have trained us over the years to think using more is better and when you buy that giant 10lb. box of detergent you think you’re getting a great deal. Stop paying for what you don’t need!

Traditional detergents leave residue behind on your clothing causing skin problems. This is caused by the fillers in the detergents not rinsing out of your clothing. Nellie’s dissolves completely and rinses thoroughly leaving no residue behind!

Nellie’s is unscented because it actually removes odors from your clothing rather than masking them with perfumes as most detergent do. That’s why you will find clothing washed with scented detergents tend to get stinky faster. That’s because once the perfume wears off the bad odor is still there. (Especially noticeable with dish rags)

If you were to conduct a demo of how much filler is in traditional detergent you would be shocked.

Fill two equal size containers with water 2L or so. Then add one recommended scoop of Tide (or other leading brand) to one container and one recommended scoop of Nellie to the other. Stir them both for 30 sec or so. You will notice that Nellie’s dissolves completely but the Tide (or other leading brand) will never completely dissolve. It goes in as a solid and stays that way.

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