It is amazing what good thoughts can bring about in your life and what a shift and or difference they can make. Society has made many of us into negative people, who complain and disagree or argue with strangers, people in our lives or the ones we love, and for what? Why do we spend so much energy & consume so much time on being angry, upset or negative?

Acting this way & being this way does not make our lives any better, look at the number of people who take time off of work for “stress” leave. Look at the number of people who hate their jobs, their friends, their significant other and stay with all of these damaging relationships because it is easier than taking a little risk. Nothing is put in front of you in your life that you cannot handle. It is how you choose to handle it that affects the outcome of that risk.

We all have hopes, dreams and aspirations but yet we believe that they will never come true, and why? Why do we tell ourselves that we can’t have the nice house or the nice car, the perfect marriage or the dream job, why do we let ourselves believe that this is true? Perhaps the biggest problem that is crushing our hopes & dreams is time, when do we have the time to pursue them. When do we figure out how to take that leap or go back to school to get the dream job, or try a new sport or meet new people. Our lives in society these days are consumed with work, late hours, early hours, the occasional time to socialize with family & friends, downtime to curl up with the tv or a book, when does the goal setting, the planning come in?

You can have everything you want & so much more, unfortunately it does not happen over night & very rarely just falls into your lap. It does take some planning & goal setting, maybe small goals to start but some sort of goals.

We all have our fair share of “negative spells”, but this is what life is, all of these people, all of these memories, all of this POSITIVE! Why do we let the negative get in the way?

What helps you remain positive? What are your goals & what do you do to make them come true? How do you plan to live your dreams in 2013!