freedom from allergies

Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination is a simple, natural new approach that doesn’t use of needles or drugs.

pregnancy & child wellness

Our health team works together to provide the best possible care to patients during pregnancy and child wellness.


Acupuncture has been used for over 3000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has impressive effects on patients.

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acute & chronic pain treatment

Patients suffering from pain can be assured they are in a compassionate and professional health care environment.

We're accepting new patients and extended health benefits


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Post-Covid-19 Safety Plan

welcome to back to wellness

a leader in holistic and integrative natural health care

Back to Wellness Centre was created in 2002 by two sisters who envisioned the centre as one offering multidisciplinary services, the latest in diagnostic and treatment methods, and first-rate products and services in a unique and serene environment.

Their dream became a reality as the centre opened its doors. The centre is piloted by Dr. Rozina Budhwani and Dr. Rehana Kassam, a Chiropractor and a Naturopathic physician, whose mission is to provide enhanced quality health services delivered in an effective, professional, holistic and compassionate way.

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visit the back to wellness store to see all of our products available