From the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors comes 5 tips for you to incorporate healthy habits into your everyday life:

  • Whole foods (fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds and grains) provide the best mix of nutrients are and are the most beneficial to your health. Consume at least 8-10 servings every day!
  • Feeling stressed, in pain, have a headache, anxiety or any other discomfort? Grab a glass of water and assist the body in adapting quickly & easily, in fact grab a water 8-10 times a day. By the time you feel “thirsty” you are already dehydrated!

  • Learning how to breath properly is the most effective, profound and easiest ways to improve your overall health and quality of life, things like yoga and meditation can assist you in learning how to breath and how to tap into your breath in times of stress.
  • Take breaks! Give yourself downtime and time for you. We all lead very busy lives but it is important to take that time for you. Take a walk around the block or your assigned coffee breaks, you will feel so much better afterwards.
  • Ask for help! When things don’t seem to be going right, you feel over worked, over stressed, unhealthy, can’t sleep, step outside of your comfort zone and ask for help. Remember life is about the quality in the years not the number of years, if you are unhappy in any part of your body, look at what you can do that would make you happy.

We ultimately hold the cards in our own health and wellness, while time is limited these days it makes it even more important to make sure you are taking extra time for you.