Grocery store shelves are packed with dozens of varieties of cooking oil, each boasting their own array of nutritional benefits and disadvantages. While it’s true that some oils are better for you than others, the reality is how you use the oil also factors into the impact it will have on your health. Temperature plays a huge role in this, as some oils simply become increasingly toxic when cooking with high heat. To ensure you’re giving your body the fuel and flavor it truly needs, read our guide below!

Back to Wellness Introduction to Cooking Oil

When cooking with high heat, you want to use stable oils that don’t oxidize or go rancid easily. When oil undergoes oxidation, it can form unhealthy compounds that can have a terrible impact on your health.

When it comes to cooking at high-heat, Coconut Oil is your best choice. It’s very heat resistant and it’s rich in Lauric Acid, which can actually help to lower cholesterol. As with anything, moderation is key. So even though many of us are praising coconut oil, that doesn’t mean you should have it in unlimited quantities.

coconut oilOlive Oil can also be used for similar cooking methods, but we recommend saving it for raw applications (salad dressings and sauces). No matter how you’re using it, buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil when possible. It has more nutrients and antioxidants than refined olive oil. Avocado oil is another great all-purpose cooking oil, just like olive oil, but it comes with a bigger price tag.

Nut oils can have wonderful flavor but we do not recommend them for cooking, especially at high-heats, because they’re so high in polyunsaturated fats.

What to Avoid:

Canola oil can be used for high-heat cooking, but because it goes through extreme processing methods that utilize toxins, we recommend avoiding it at all costs. The same can be said for oil derived from corn, soybeans, rice bran and most seed/vegetable oils.


In short, coconut oil is likely your new best friend for frying and roasting, while olive and/or avocado oil are great for salads and raw applications. If you like cooking with butter or animal fats, also buy organic if possible. Store all your oils in a cool dry place to prevent it from going rancid and make sure to use it in meals that will help your body and mind get back to wellness 🙂