Wellness is not only a way to alleviate acute and chronic pain, allergies, and any other problems that arise in the overall health of our bodies, but also a very important preventive measure. Why wait for the problem to occur, why not stop it dead in its tracks? This is beneficial to your kids, as well, start them on the path early of self care, and wellness.

Our nervous system is the master control for our whole bodies and is responsible for the ultimate repair, growth and function of our entire bodies including our cells, organs, providing appropriate chemicals and hormones we utilize in every day of our lives. If your children are not fully integrating all of life’s experiences they may be creating interference to their nerve system. When things aren’t working properly in the body there is no way to determine when these problems began to arise, and many go undetected until they turn into problems later in our lives. A balanced diet, exercise, mental, emotional and physical maintenance can help to ensure your children live a long, happy and healthy life.

Children have a lot of control over their health, their brains are powerful and control their overall health and healing. They can learn what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and the choices that they make that can contribute to illnesses.  We can educate our children about the miraculous creatures we actually are, how are body works to fight illness, how we have the capability of healing, how our heart functions and strengthens with exercise and healthy foods. We can teach them in a fun way that allows them to understand that choosing spinach over candy will ultimately give them more energy!
However, no matter how much we educate our children, we must set an example and take care of ourselves and our bodies. Make exercise a family activity. Summer is a great time to get the family together and go for a hike or a bike ride or swimming. Find creative ways to still incorporate activities once the weather gets colder – such as snowshoeing, tobogganing, or cross country skiing. Introduce other foods as an alternative to sweets and candy. Dehydrated fruit and fresh fruit all contain sugars that are good for us and can be just as enjoyable as candies. Of course, laughter is one of the best medicines! Have fun with your kids, make learning about health and wellness and exercise fun and not something that is boring and too serious, keep them engaged, plan fun activities or even crafts to teach them about the body and taking care of themselves.
Finally, when the going gets tough and you need to consult a health professional – introduce your children To the various options in addition to your family doctor – have a family chiropractor, Naturopathic Doctor, etc as a part of your family’s health care team. Not sure how these work with or complement your MD? Come in and talk to us. Our health care practitioners will sit down with you and discuss your options, answer your questions and then you can decide if you’d like to book an appointment for your children.