No matter how often you apply and reapply, if the sunscreen you’re using isn’t high-quality you simply won’t be getting the protection you need. Take these steps to enjoy the summer sun without sacrificing your wellness.

1. Look for “broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.” Sunscreens that only protect against UVB rays will prevent redness of the skin and sunburn on superficial layers. UVA rays, however, may cause damage in deeper layers.

2. Consider storage and expiration dates. Sunscreen may not be effective if it has absorbed heat. If your bottle has been sitting in your glove box all summer, you may want to buy a replacement, even if it hasn’t hit its expiration date.

3. Read and follow the directions. Every sunscreen is different; so don’t repeat the directions from your last bottle. For example, most spray-on sunscreens are supposed to be rubbed in; if they are not, you may be left with a spotty, inadequate protection.

4. Reapply. It doesn’t matter how high the SPF is, you always need to reapply! It’s better to be wearing too much than not enough.

5. Ask a pharmacist. If you don’t know which ingredients are the most effective, a pharmacist should.

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